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OKR (Objective and Key results) are powerful tools for setting and measuring goals effectively in any organization, regardless of size, complexity etc. It provides a critical thinking framework to all functional teams to focus on what matters to them and make measurable contributions. Like any power, it is mishandled it can turn into a huge waste of organization effort and can inflict damage. But If used with informed choice with self organized teams, it can create wonders to bring focus and produce great outcomes.

OKRs must be ambitious and measurable. OKR framework allow you to focus on big bets and forces you to think different ways of achieving your stretched goals. In 2008 when Larry and Sergy wrote this beautiful OKR “We should make the web as fast as flipping through a magazine” It challenged Sundar Pichai and his entire team to think beyond their ability.

“When you set a measurable objective for the year and chunk the problem, quarter by quarter, moonshots become more doable”

Like for any new initiatve in your organization, OKRs framework implementation needs a committed OKR champion and a few OKR ambassdors who should work very closely with OKR coach. CEO commitment is paramount for bringing this culture and candence without which it could end up becoming yet another ritual with no tangible benefits.

Finally, remember OKRs go hand in hand with CFRs (Conversation, Feedback and Recognitions) to deal with grey areas and connect the dots between Objective goals and Subjective efforts.