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Have you ever realised that most of what we see outside is the manifestation of what’s happening within us? What we need is a little nudge to go inward.


Are you ready to explore your inner-journey with us?

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As an Individual

  • 9The growth path in my current organization
  • 9My goal setting
  • 9Clarity on how to achieve my goals
  • 9Feeling of mid-life crisis
  • 9How to over-come glass ceiling at my workplace

As an Organization

  • 9How to set my leaders goals
  • 9How to implement OKR framework
  • 9How to cascade my company goals
  • 9How to prepare my leaders for future
  • 9How to inspire my team to overachieve

Who we are

We are Modern Monks

  • 9Modern Monks is founded on the principles of self-awareness-based leadership development and personal growth.
  • 9We believe that everyone has tremendous untapped potential. We need to be aware of this and align our actions to the purpose that resides deep within.
  • 9We help you to awaken your inner-self that can align your 'what' with 'why'.

How it flows

1. Probe

2. Inspire

3. Nudge

4. Enable

Our Offerings

OKR, Relationship, Life Coaching

1-0-1 sessions

Future Leaders Program

Group workshops

OKR Adoption

Group workshops

Happy People

How I got here

Born and brought up in a small town in MP and studied in a school very similar to Gurukul, I was fascinated with Sanskrit and Devnagari from early childhood. Our school mission and vision were deeply rooted in Ancient Indian values where teachers were called Archaryas.

I was completely overwhelmed when I came to Delhi for my further studies. Having worked for 4 and 1/2 years as Civil Engineer, I made a conscious choice to plunge into IT industry. For last 22 years, I reinvented myself many a times to play various roles within IT and finally I found my passion in coaching and mentoring. This has truly been a huge self-transformation journey that would not have been possible without many coaches and mentors along the way.

Steven Covey explains beautifully in his book ‘7 habits of highly effective people’: “What has got us here will not take us there”. I strongly believe that at every stage of our life, we need to reflect and find deeper purpose behind our actions and behaviours. We may need to re-invent ourselves by acquiring new knowledge and skills. This facilitates us to explore a whole lot of new possibilities leading to happiness and success.

Positive vibes

Meeting of Minds

Meeting of Minds

This article is intended to help those business development executives who are dealing with CIO (Head of IT) and CDO (Head of Digital) of any large enterprise for various digital pursuits. After...

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It’s time to Reboot your mind!

It’s time to Reboot your mind!

If you have changed your abode more than 4 times in your life time (I did 18 times so far), you will be able to relate to what I am saying. Each time you relocate, you have to go thru this process....

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Our team

Diljeet S Saluja

OKR coach

Lisha Kumar

Relationship coach

Shiwani Singh

Life coach